Life Audit Single Session

$111.00 USD

During this session we will look at all areas of your life and map out a plan to get you living your "dream life"  

This will be a 90 min call to kick start you on a path of growth and creation! You will know exactly where you can make changes and where you are on the right path. 

What People Are Saying:

"Before working with Karen I wasn't confident that I was on the right path. After my work with Karen, I realized I still had a lot of fear that was driving my actions. Karen helped me break down those fears and implement practices to raise my confidence. I always left our calls feeling super positive and ready to tackle my week. Our calls got me back into a routine. It was a source of accountability. The goals we would set at the end of the call would often shape my week and give my week a purpose. I saw a dramatic rise in my confidence and my overall happiness. Karen encouraged me to go deeper in ways I wouldn't have pushed myself and the results were incredible."

Lainie Dent, registered nurse

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