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It's time to step into a life of intention and create your dream reality.

Does this sounds like you?

Are you a millennial women who…


Feels overwhelmed, dissatisfied, and disconnected from your daily life?

  Knows deep down that you're meant for something more?

  Craves time and financial freedom to live an intentional, purposeful life?

  Desires to love yourself fully, mind, body, and soul?

Has lost touch with your true essence and inner power?

It doesn't have to be this way...

Does this sounds like you?

Instead you wish you could feel like this…


  Waking up excited for each new day because you've intentionally designed it.

  Embracing peace and contentment with where you are in life.

  Living in abundance, with ample time and financial resources.

 Loving the person you've become and empowering others around you.

 Embracing your true identity and being proud of the life you've created.

then you are in the right place.


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robust transformation

Lifestyle Reset

A 4 month highly individualized 1:1 program where we co-create your perfect day, which then creates your perfect life. We will dive deep into your  physical wellness, emotional wellness, spirituality, career, relationships, finances, self-care and look at what is working well and what areas need to be improve on. We will formulate achievable goals in our weekly calls to create a ripple effect of change for the rest of your life.

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kickstart your journey

Life Audit

In this 60 minute session using my signature framework where you relieve actionable advice to kick start your transformation.

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My mission

Karen Lorena exists to empower Millennial Women through self-love and personal development so they can reach their highest divine self and embody a life they deserve.  

Here is why I'm the right coach for you.

  I hold a master's degree in holistic nursing and mental health.

  I am a board-certified Nurse Coach and Advanced Practice Nurse through the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation.

  But above all, I am a woman who has dedicated herself to personal growth, holistic healing, and creating a positive impact in the lives of women like you.


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